Bio-Essence Celebrity’s Choice Body Sculpting Cream

When it comes to body slimming, I'd always prefer to keep a healthy diet and maintain a steady stream of workout routine. But to be frank, sometimes we just need a little extra help in maintaining a shapely body. My biggest body woes is combating those pesky cellulite, mine are usually quite resilient and takes forever to eliminate them. 

While I do realize it's impossible to fully get rid of them, I do know that a healthy diet free from junk food and maintaining a regular fitness routine will work wonders in combating cellulite. But what if you're running out of time and you're in need of a cheat sheet way to get slim in record time? 

Hmmmm, how about trying out a body sculpting cream?

Bio-Essence Celebrity’s Choice Body Sculpting Cream

Description :
  • Paraban-free 3-in-1 body sculpting cream aids in reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.
  • Formulated with bio energy fluid to promote skin renewal, bio collagen renewal to repair collagen fibres for smoother skin, and bio rice fermentation extract to improve metabolism to enhance skin cell’s reproduction process.

Active Ingredients: 
Bio-lipolytic complex, bio collagen renewal, bio energy fluid, bio mineral amino acid essence, capsicum, ginger, ginseng, caffeine, bio rice fermentation extract, and pineapple essence.

Prior to this, I'd tried out all the other slimming product variants from Bio Essence. One thing I noticed are they all give off a burning sensation, so I was prepared to sweat like crazy after applying this on. lolz.

This product has a thick, white consistency which smells really nice, kinda sweet and fruity. I applied a dime size of it on my problematic areas, not too much as this will give off burning sensation. One thing I do noticed is it doesn't feel as hot when I applied it during the night or during colder weather. So if you want to be avoid experiencing the burning sensation, try not to apply it before going out in the sun, as I noticed it can be quite uncomfortable and leaves a very noticeable redness on skin.

After using this for a while, I noticed my flabby thighs become much firmer and tighter than before. Overall, I'd lose 1 inch from my thighs. Not too bad though as it's really hard to lose even 1 inch from my thighs. Another plus is my skin appears much smoother and my cellulite doesn't seem to be quite so noticeable anymore. 

The downside is of course the burning sensation from using this product, but still I find the heat to be quite bearable, even during those hot days, lolz.  Of all Bio-Essence slimming cream, for me this is the less 'spicy' of them all, as I'd tried their other slimming variants that feels really really hot on my skin. 

So if you're like me and prefer a milder kind of 'hot' slimming cream, do give this a try!


  1. How long did you use the product for to lose that one inch off your thighs? Good review, by the way!


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