For Beloved One - Hyaluronic Acid Molecules Moisturizing Serum

For Beloved One is a Cosmeceutical Skincare brand from Taiwan which is well known for being the pioneer and leading brand for bio-cellulose masks. For Beloved One Hyaluronic Acid Molecules Moisturizing Serum is one of their best selling product that I was lucky enough to get to try out.

My skin type is normally combination skin, with a tendency towards dryness during those hazy days. So I was quite interested to try out this product which claims to improve skin dryness and restoring skin moisture. 

For Beloved One - Hyaluronic Acid Molecules Moisturizing Serum (RM190)

High-density Sodium Hyaluronate with big molecules captures moisture in the air while Hyalo-Olig with small molecules penetrates deep into the skin to bring in the much needed moisture. Exo-H stimulates the formation of hyaluronic acid in the skin to keep the skin moist.  Moisture retention factor Lipidure-PMB holds moisture; and whitening factor Dermawhite makes the skin smooth and bright.

Texture wise, this product has watery fluid-like consistency which makes it easy to apply on skin. I applied this on after washing and applying toner on my skin. A quick pat is all I need to make it absorb fast into my skin.

The first few days of trying out this serum, I actually used more than a dime size for my face, as I felt that it wasn't quite moisturizing enough for my skin, probably due to the fact I'm not used to using light watery type of serum, lolz. 

After a week, I noticed my skin looks much smoother and dewier. Strangely my blackheads became lesser too, which is another plus. My sensitive skin did not suffer any skin irritation and I find it to be quite gentle on my skin.

Overall, it's a great product for those whose skin are in need of a boast of moisture. It also works well on my combination skin, it does not cause any clogged pores and it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. Lastly it gives me a healthy dewy look and definitely a much plumper skin.

For Beloved One products can be bought from Sephora and Sa Sa. Apart from this serum, their bio-cellulose masks are quite the bestseller too.


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