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Lolita Lempicka

When it comes to perfume, one of my favourite perfume brand is Lolita Lempicka. The first perfume by Lolita Lempicka was created by Annick Menardo in 1997, but sadly it has been discontinued in 2010 and later re-released as Lolita Lempicka Le Premier Parfum.  In hopes of getting the original version of Lolita Lempicka, I've been diligently searching for a bottle of the older formulation, but Lolita Lempicka has indeed become quite rare and I haven't been able to get my hands on the original version. I ended up purchasing a bottle of Lolita Lempicka Le Premier Parfum from a friendly Carousell seller, who's selling off some of her older perfume collection. I decided to snag it, just to get a whiff of the newer version, and of course to complete my Lolita Lempicka collection. Top Notes  Ivy leaf, Pineapple, Lemon, Rosewood, Sour Cherry, Anise Middle Notes  Lily of the valley, Rose, Jasmine, Iris, Violet, Licorice Base Notes  Sweet Almond, Heliotrope,

Acelabs 5 Days Ultimate Care Mask Set

Acelabs 5 Days Ultimate Care Set usually retails for RM29.90, but lucky me I got this for only RM5, shipping included during their special promo sales. Acelabs is a Korean skincare brand which produce sheet masks that specially caters to different skin types and needs. Even though I love using sheet mask, I'd never tried using them on a daily basis, reason being it's just too much hassle to use them every night. But this time, I am willing to make an exception, for the sake of having radiant, dewy looking skin, lol.

Day 1 : Diamond Luminous Intense Brightening Mask 
This is meant to illuminate the skin and reduce wrinkle appearance, which are something that I would benefit greatly from. The best thing about this is it's a 100%, plant origin, cellulose mask, which adheres better on skin and gives me better serum absorption. I am always wary when I first tried on a sheet mask, because my sensitive skin flares up easily, luckily this sheet mask is quite gentle on skin and I did not experience any stinging and redness. It does however leaves my skin looking brighter than better, with a plump dewy skin effect, it also smooths out my under eyes fine lines, albeit a temporary one.

Day 2 : Nimtree Blemish Care Soothing Mask 
My combination skin tends to look oily at times, so this is another great mask to try. It has Nimtree soothing energy serum to relieve hyper sensitive skin, Zinc to recover oil & water balance on skin by reducing excessive sebum release. Well, this surely does help control the oiliness on my skin, making them look clear and much more breathable. If you have blemish prone skin, this would be a good choice for you to try because the serum doesn't feel too heavy and it's great in soothing sensitive skin.

Day 3 : Aqua Luminous Intense Hydration Mask
This is meant to remove dead skin cell and intensively increases water content throughout skin layer for soft and moist skin. It contains transparent water luminous serum to deliver abundant moisture on dry skin. Now this one I am a little wary of due to the multiple exfoliating agents factor, but luckily it doesn't irritate my skin and I did not experience any side effects. I love how smooth it made my skin looks and I even skip out on my moisturizer because of the intense hydrating effect.

Day 4 : Peony Skin Shield Purifying Mask
Now this is my favourite, it contains Korean peony flower from Mount Jiri which helps dilute harmful substances for transparent and fresh skin. It really does work in turning my dull looking skin into  healthier looking, glowing skin. If I have to choose one out of these five mask,  I would recommend this because the effect is quite instantaneous, perfect if you're looking for a last minute TLC before a special event.

Day 5 : Golden Daisy Wrinkle Care Mask
This is for skin firming and reducing wrinkle appearance. It contains Apple, watermelon and lentil complex which intensively increases skin water content for high hydration. An anti ageing sheet mask, this is meant to plump up your skin by giving them extra dose of hydration. If you have dry skin, you'll benefit greatly from this too because it's super moisturizing on skin, though it may feel a little too heavy on oily skin.

Overall, would I recommend using sheet mask on a daily basis? Well, if you have the budget for it and you have resilient skin that doesn't experience any break outs, then why not? For me, sheet masking for 5 days in a row does makes my skin look much more radiant and glowing, though I'll  probably stick to sheet masking 2,3 times per week in the future because some nights I just don't have the energy to do anything, let alone sheet masking, lol.


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