Thalgo Cold Cream Marine Deeply Nourishing Hand Cream

I'm particularly prone to dry hands and brittle nails. So applying hand cream before bed is a must for me. I should probably use them more often though but I tend to avoid using them during the day as I don't enjoy having that heavy, sticky feeling on my hands.

Recently I'd tried out Thalgo Cold Cream Marine Deeply Nourishing Hand Cream. Thalgo is a french skincare brand that is well known for their marine based skincare and treatment. I've never tried out any of their products before though I've heard rave reviews on their products. 

The hand cream comes in a tube bottle with a small nozzle opening. The description stated it's a 2-in-1 repairing balm cream with Cold Cream Marine that nourishes and softens even the driest hands, whilst strengthening the nails. 

It has a white creamy texture and a soothing, cooling scent that kind of reminds me of spring water. If there's a perfume that smell like this, I would probably get it as it smells really calm and gentle, which is perfect for rainy days, the kind of the weather that we're currently having right now, lol.

Even though the texture feels a little thick, it absorbs quite well on my hands, leaving them feeling soft and smooth. It doesn't feel as heavy as my other hand creams though it did quite well in moisturizing my hands.

Besides the hand cream, I received a few samples from their Body Sculpt range. Now these are the ones that I've heard rave reviews of. The 3 samples that I've got are The High Performance Firming Cream, Stomach & Waist Sculptor and The Complete Cellulite Corrector. 

Out of the 3, I love the Complete Cellulite Corrector the most simply because the other 2 will only work if you combine them with a regular exercise, and frankly you can easily skip them if you eat moderately and exercise regularly. 

In my 20s I used to eat a whole lot of junk food and my weight keeps going up and down, causing cellulite to appear on my thighs. Exercising alone and eating healthier does helps to improve the problem, however I did notice a significance improvement whenever I used cellulite gel. The Thalgo Complete Cellulite Corrector has a light green minty scent that reminds me of a cellulite product from Elancyl that I'd previously used. Both are great option if you're looking for products that'll help smooth out the appearance of cellulite 😊


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