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Lolita Lempicka

When it comes to perfume, one of my favourite perfume brand is Lolita Lempicka. The first perfume by Lolita Lempicka was created by Annick Menardo in 1997, but sadly it has been discontinued in 2010 and later re-released as Lolita Lempicka Le Premier Parfum.  In hopes of getting the original version of Lolita Lempicka, I've been diligently searching for a bottle of the older formulation, but Lolita Lempicka has indeed become quite rare and I haven't been able to get my hands on the original version. I ended up purchasing a bottle of Lolita Lempicka Le Premier Parfum from a friendly Carousell seller, who's selling off some of her older perfume collection. I decided to snag it, just to get a whiff of the newer version, and of course to complete my Lolita Lempicka collection. Top Notes  Ivy leaf, Pineapple, Lemon, Rosewood, Sour Cherry, Anise Middle Notes  Lily of the valley, Rose, Jasmine, Iris, Violet, Licorice Base Notes  Sweet Almond, Heliotrope,

Fashion Inspiration - Charmed

Charmed was my favourite TV show when I was still in my teens. Not only do I love the magical aspect of Charmed and the amazing songs featured on each episode, I was also deeply inspired by the fashionable wardrobes worn by the Halliwell sisters, even though some of the clothes they wore were quite risque and not very practical in real life 😂 However there are some style from Charmed that you could easily emulate these days. Here are a few of my favourite looks from the Charmed Ones.

Prue Halliwell

The eldest of the Halliwell sisters and my favourite out of the 4. Shannen Doherty who played Prue wore a lot of black in the earlier season, such as this chic looking little black dress, which she usually wore with knitted cardigan while working as a curator in Buckland auction house.

Jeans and a white sweater is another style that Prue loves to wear.

Preppy ensemble such as this is quite famous in the 90s and early 2000s. Minimalist thin chain necklace with a small heart locket was popular back then too.

Once Prue quit her job at Buckland and became a photographer for 415 Magazine, her style seem to shift a little too. 

Her clothing started to look a bit more carefree, with colourful knit tops and bohemian accessories.

In one of the halloween episode, Prue dresses as a nature witch while Phoebe dresses as Elvira. The strapless black corset dress with flowers and butterflies looks really beautiful on Prue. An enchanting look that really matches her dark hair and smokey eyes.

Piper Halliwell

The middle sister and the level-headed one. Piper's style is a bit more subdued and reserved than her sisters, which makes her style the easiest to emulate, as these are the kind of clothes you could easily wear anytime, anywhere.

Red looks good on Piper and she wears a lot of red in Charmed.

Red tops with jeans are her usual staple style.

Holly Marie Combs who played Piper are usually shown wearing cuff bracelet and large watches. These are meant to hide her wrist tattoo but sometimes you'll be able to catch glimpse of it on the show.

The matching bridesmaid dresses that Piper and Phoebe wore during Paige's vintage inspired wedding were truly amazing and they both look really beautiful here.

In one of the episode, Piper was gifted the powers of Gaea and turned into The Goddess of earth. Grecian style is a good look on Piper as she literally looks like a goddess here.

Phoebe Halliwell

The rebel, and her style says it all. Phoebe is usually shown wearing crop tops and colourful ensemble.

Spaghetti strap top was quite popular and this tied up top and bead choker necklace looks really cute on Phoebe.

Phoebe loves sporting the grunge look in the earlier season. That chopstick hair look was all the rage in the early 2000s, I used to buy colourful, plastic ones back then 😂

Alyssa Milano who plays Phoebe Halliwell is a style chameleon. She can pull off any style and this shorter wavy hairdo looks really good on her. Her cute strawberry top and red lippy is a good match too!

Shiny satin halter neck top is another 2000s style staple. A difficult style to wear since this easily emphasize your lumps and bumps. So I never ever wore them 😂

Phoebe rocking another sweet looking spaghetti strap top. Even though her style does seem to evolve into a somewhat more mature look, she never lose her fun, youthful element in her overall style.

Paige Matthews
The youngest of the Charmed Ones, and half-sister of Prue, Piper and Phoebe. Paige usually sports between a vintage, retro style and a boho-chic style.

In one of the episode, Paige can be seen in this 1930s retro inspired dress. Rose Mcgowan who played Paige was perfect for this retro, glamour look.

Peasant top and skirt such as these can be seen almost everywhere in the early to mid 2000s. Boho-chic style is all the rage during that time.

Red hair, white chiffon top and bubble gum coloured accessory looked good on Paige. 

A vintage inspired top with blue denim jeans always look good.

Finally the vintage inspired dress that Paige wore when she wed Kyle. This is such a beautiful dress, look at that lacy details 😍 

Writing about Charmed is giving me such nostalgic feeling, I should definitely write more about fashion inspirations, lol. Until next time, stay safe and stay fashionable!


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