All reviews written in this blog are based on my own personal experience. Most of the products are from my personal collection and others from giveaways. Nevertheless, my views and opinions are solely my own as I believe in endorsing only in those that I truly love.

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Most of the products reviewed on this blog are bought and paid for by me, Becca (the author of this blog). I am not affiliated with any companies or brands–therefore the opinions expressed in this blog are solely my own. Occasionally, companies will send me products to review, but that will never affect my opinion about the product in any way. Should a post contain a product or products that have been sent for review purposes, I will be sure this is clearly indicated in a disclaimer at the bottom of the post. If the post does not have a disclaimer at the bottom, the product will always have been purchased by me, for me. I take my responsibilities to my readers very seriously. Trust me, if I love/hate a product, you will know about it! All reviews are based on my personal experience with the product, so what works for me may or may not work for you.

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I spend a lot of time writing, editing, and taking photos for this blog. A lot of time, effort, and consideration goes into each post, so I don’t appreciate blatant theft of any content and/or photos. The content on this blog is copyrighted. If you would like to re-post any information or photos, please send me a request at becca@mybeautysample.com beforehand. Feel free to link back to my blog as often as you’d like, though! Thank you!
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